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Water is life
Why water is so important?

? water is very necessary for human being, it can caused of death if we lack water for 3 days. Because water is the best isolation liquid. Therefore, water is important to run the body system, chemical and metabolizing to create energy. Without water, the human’s chemical and thousand of physical system will not operate appropriately including

  • Blood circulation : water helps to bring nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body
  • Lymph flow : water helps to remove waste and a transferring object between cells in the body
  • Renal function : water helps to remove and drain waste, toxic from body
  • Digestive system : water helps to accelerate digestive reaction
  • The adrenal gland : water helps transport hormones from the adrenal gland to control the organs of the body

Water in the human body

the human body consists of water 70% which contributes to the substances to feed them to the valley and is a key component in every cell of the body, such as blood, cerebrospinal fluid. The water molecule is present in all of the examples of such Body = 70%, Muscle = 90%, Lumbar disc herniation = 80%, Bone = 13%, Tooth =10%
Do not let dehydration

Human body has water as 3 parts and 1 part for other compound, by divided for 50% water in cells and 20% covering over cells, 5% plasma. To ensure the smooth physical operation and healthy, water is a must!

How to adequate drinking water?

All the whole day lone people should take enough amount of water tiny amount of water from time to time, not just take a lot of water once at a time. Because the over consumption of water can be danger for human body called “ Water Excess Condition” and it could be caused of swells and blistering cell, water retention in brain and can lead to the death as a final result. Therefore, the appropriate to consume water around 6-8 glasses/ day

Those who want more water than normal person

are people who has more activities than usual such as ethylic, worker. Normally people will consume a lot of water when they are thirsty, which is an incorrect method and can be health’s harmful.

How to notice of dehydrate condition?

Water is a main important source to remove waste from human body by sweat, urine, excreta . Hence, if the body did not receive enough water, it can be lead to Chronic Dehydration. In each day, we’ll lose about 3.4 liters and it mean that we’ve a change to lose water from our body

  • Dry skin : Human skin combine with fiber, collagen and glycos-aminoglycans where contain water and maintain elasticity of skin. When the body dehydrate, it will bring water from skin’s cell to keep balancing.
  • Dry mouth : Saliva original from water and electrolytes which also helps for digestive function. Body will produce 0.5-1.5 liters of saliva/ day. But when body dehydrate condition, body operation system will automatically reduce to produce saliva fro maintain blood circulation.
  • Cramp : Cramp is cause from body lose a lot of water from sweating and hard activity performance. Normally occurrence when level of water are low.
  • Low- Blood pressure : When water level in body are decreased, it would impact to blood pressure and can cause of dizzy, headache.
  • Strong color of urine : Because the concentration of glucose in plasma are increase, it will impact to pituitary for creating anti-urine hormone, where are resulted in dark urine color.
  • Thirsthy : Electrolyte will increase when body dehydrate, and force-brain will create chemical signal to notice of the thirsty symptom
  • Saturnine : Body dehydrate symptom will impact to the brain operation system, where brain’s feeding blood and nutrients will be reduced. This can resulted in tried, bad-motion.
  • Headache : In some case, dehydrate can caused in headache symptom.
  • Dark circle over eyes : Because human eyes’ ball contain a lot of water, where water will be brought from this area when dehydrate is occur. Hence, human body need water around 40-50 cc./ 1 kg. More water consumption, mean more healthy you can gain.

Drinking enough water can reduce weight

From the research, it’s found that water consumption impact to the fat accumulation. When increase consumption amount, the accumulate of fat are decrease. In the other hand, if we drink less water, it will impact to renal and metabolism function

Drinking water properly

The appropriate ways to drink is, take 14 glasses/ day as
  • After wake up take 4 glasses
  • Before meal 1 glass (every meal)
  • After meal 1 glass (every meal)
  • Take 1 glass every 10.00, 14.00,16.00 hrs.
  • Before bed, take 1 glass of warm water


  • At the night time suggested to take warm water and take cold water at the day time.
  • As return to the nature, humans often overlook the influence of the sun, the moon, if we follow the drinking theory, the body will benefit greatly. Because water can destroy bacteria, helps to clear absorbed by the 12 meters intestine and enable to clears throat.

Dehydrate and health problem

  • Body shorten (shrink) : because human body compound 70% water
  • Pain and body inflame headache, neck-ache, joint-pain because there is not enough water
  • Exhausted : because of insufficient water for blood circulation
  • Constipated : when body dehydrate condition, our physical system will bring water from other parts including from the large intestine, where can impact to the constipated problem.
  • Sensitive to the change of weather : because lack of water to adjust body’s temperature
  • Digestive system error : because water would help for digestive and metabolism function.
  • Growth hormone reduce : because lack of water to transfer nutrients and other chemical to all body parts.
  • Body function error : especially for heart, lung, kidney, renal, liver, and nervous system
  • Wrinkle problem and over age looks : Skin lack of water to maintain moisturizer and elasticity
  • Pimples and blackhead skin : because lack of water to remove waste and dirt cells on skin.
  • Allergy symptom : adrenal gland, where generate anti-histamine hormone can not function appropriately.
  • Emotional problem : because of uncertain hormone level, where lack of balancing.
  • Other problem : asthma, gastritis, high blood pressure etc.
  • Remark : If these symptom continually occur after you change drinking behavior more than 2 months. It’s highly recommend to consult with doctor.

Is there any side-effect for drinking to much water ?

The answer is “No” more water taker, is more healthy you could get. Except that your adrenal gland is abnormal. Some people think that if take too much water, it could cause of fatty. Which is wrong concept. Only people who like to eat strong seasoning taste. For example, if you take too sweet or salty flavor, it can impact to the renal function and exceed salt will swelling of water and people may feel uncomfortable, but water cannot cause for weight gaining