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Siam mineral water
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Siam drinking water
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      Siam drinking water is sourced from the groundwater at Samkhok Sub-district, Pathumtani Province. Which is one of the most tasty with a best quality of water resource in Thailand. Because
the subterranean or underground water are purify and there are generated from rainfall water, seeping through the underground layers and contained deep down under the earth without any contamination. These water sourced will process through 4 steps of new modern manufacturing technology (Filtration, RO., UV and Ozone) emphasizing with the quality control process in every single step from expert researchers. For ensure that customer will consume the best purify, clean and safe water, together
with non-toxic and environmental care standard of P.E.T containing system (Poly Ethylene Terepthalate)

RO. filtering system can give more pureness than other filtering process, which using the special membrane 0.0001 micron (humanity hair = 100 micron, virus and germs = 0.01 micron) By this qualification, it’s will intercept the contained isolation object in water i.e. metal contamination, mercury, lead, arsenic, fertilizers, pesticides, and carcinogens (THM) and germs, which will be blocked through membrane insertion filter. After this process will resulted in a purify water, which more than 96%
of dirtiness will be cleaned. Which these contamination will immediately get rid to prevent of the left over dirtiness by draining out By good mineral still remain on these water such as Sodium. Potassium, Fluoride etc. This RO. system is purified standard which accepted in Europe and United States of America, which give better effective result and higher technology than other filtering standard.

Ozone has brought to produce the purify water, Ozone is a gas that conduct oxidation and can use for sanitizing germs and bacteria. Ozone will destroy the protein cell of such bacteria i.e. virus, paramecium, mold , fungus etc. and also able to destroy structure of toxic gas, get rid of metal contamination, manganese, lead etc. and can be able to terminate gamma radiance in the water perfectly and resulted in the purify water.
Natural mineral drinking water
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Siam natural mineral drinking water is sourced from the groundwater at Samkhok Sub-district, Pathumtani Province.

Mineral water is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the water surface seepage into the ground slowly through the rocks with moderate natural to come together at the water's under the soil
with mineral nutrients and organic matter where contain useful as a mechanism of natural elements. Under pressure and heat, geothermal field is a combination of minerals helps to mix harmoniously.
It is rich in minerals, natural minerals and nutrients that have many health benefits, including

  • Calcium: helps build strong bones.
  • Magnesium: work together with the nervous system and result in energy metabolism in the cells
    of the body.
  • Potassium: maintains healthy skin and help balance the acidity - alkalinity in the body. Enhance the metabolism.
  • Sodium: helps to maintain water balance in the body and helps in the transmission of the nervous system.
  • Fluoride: helps to let the healthy strong teeth and prevent tooth decay easily.

Therefore, the consumption of water is not harmful and does not cause the accumulation of the body will pull minerals to use, but the body will consume food every 5 group to encourage a good health.

** Siam mineral drinking water did not processed through RO. (Reverse Osmosis) for remaining
the minerals and nutrients that are abundant in nature. With the high manufacturing standards
of hygiene and safety procurement.

House brand/ Private labels
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        With better quality and service. Siam drinking water company receive fiduciary from more that 60 leading brands to produce drinking products under their house brand such as Thai Airways, Mackro, Lotuc, Big-C, Tops, The Malls, Esso, PTT, Regency, Hospital and Medicare groups. Which become 1st House brands manufacturing company
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