Siam drinking water
Siam mineral water
House brand/ Private labels
"That's good quality drinking water"
Call Center : 02-599-0199
size pack/unit price /Bt
 220 ml (cup) 4 dz/carton 100.-/pack 
 350 ml 12 bottle/pack 45.-/pack 
 599 ml 12 bottle/pack 55.-/pack 
 1500 ml 6 bottle/pack 55.-/pack 
 6000 ml 1 bottle 32.-/bottle 
size pack/unit price /Bt
 350 ml 12 bottle/pack 65.-/pack 
 599 ml 12 bottle/pack 76.-/pack 
 1500 ml 6 bottle/pack 76.-/pack 

With better quality and service. Siam drinking water company receive fiduciary from more that 60 leading brands to produce drinking products under their house brand such as Thai Airways, Mackro, Lotuc, Big-C, Tops, The Malls, Esso, PTT, Regency, Hospital and Medicare groups. Which become 1stHouse brands manufacturing company
(Information from Department of Business Development)

** For more information through the house brands drinking product, please contact Sale department tel. 02-599-0122 or 02-599-0199